3 Promotional Items That Get Your Business the Most Bang for Your Buck

tarmstrong Aug 01, 2018

Promotional Materials may seem common place, but there is a reason for that – they work!

The reasoning behind promotional items is repetition. If you are constantly being seen you are subliminally remembered. Then, when your services are needed, your brand pops into the mind of that potential customer because they either have that item with your logo and number on it, or they have seen enough of your brand imaging to recall you above others.

But not all promotional materials are created equal.


Here is our list of the top 3 items that help promote your business and why


#1 Shirts:

custom designed t-shirts with store logoT-shirts, sweatshirts, and even long sleeve shirts are the #1 promotional item your business should invest in. From a simply logo, to a funny saying, to your business emblem emblazoned on it – shirts are a long lasting, often worn, useful way to promote your services. Every business from retail stores and service based companies, to attractions and restaurants can benefit from promotional shirts marketing their business.

Here’s the reasoning – your business name and logo will inevitable encounter people not familiar with you every time someone wears your shirt. We as humans are naturally curious, and will look at shirts as we walk by or talk to others. In doing so we either recognize the brand, imprinting it further in our brains, or become a little curious about it. Add humor, word play, or an attractive design and we are even more interested.

Shirts can be as simple as your business logo and services – perfect for employees or repeat customers, or can take it to the next level by promoting a special event – this can be a food contest a restaurant holds, an annual race, or a unique feature of your business.

Some of my all time favorite promotional shirts include

Where the Hell is West Glover: A local Vermont general store coined this shirt, and it has been a hot seller ever sense. Many people forget about Vermont as a state let alone know of a little town in its Northeastern Corner. It makes readers curious, and for those that are local or “in the know” – it’s a fun joke.

Hard Rock Café:  This iconic white shirt sporting the café logo is sold everywhere- department stores, novelty shops and online. You don’t even have to go to a café location to get one. I live in an area where there are no Hard Rock Café’s but the first time I encountered one while traveling this shirt came to mind, and I had to see what all the fuss was about.

….Went to (Insert Name) and All I Got Was This Shirt: Combine this slogan with a funny image and it’s golden. One, it promotes a location or event; two, it appeals to our wanderlust and jealousy of others getting to travel; and three, it makes us wonder what is great about said location and we want to ask about it. This slogan started in Las Vegas (from what I can tell) and has spread all over – a testament to its marketability and success.

Custom promotional shirts are a simple way to spread the word about your business – be creative with the design and text and they can become assets to your business.

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#2 Bags:

promotional canvas bag with Moragn Country Store LableCanvas bags, reusable shopping bags, travel bags, beach bags – I think you get the point. These reusable items provide customers with a tool, they solve a problem, and they keep your logo in front of your customer regularly.

Bags are a great marketing tool because they have so many uses. Think about your own life – shopping trips, car rides with children, traveling, having to bring things into work, having to store things in a closet, beach trips… there are so many things we use bags for. And each time it’s used is an opportunity to remind your customer of your businesses and services. Even at a quick glance, there is the momentary recognition and the flash of memory about where the bag came from and what that company provided.

While grocery shopping recently I noticed one of my reusable shopping bags that had come with a large order I had placed with a catalog company. I was instantly reminded that it had been a while since I had received a catalog from that business, but it is a place where I order a number of holiday gifts – I later went online and looked up their website to see what was new in their inventory. Marketing at Work!

The item is important, as is the quality of that item. I have seen some promotional bags that last a few months before tearing, and I have seen others that last years. Either way, the usefulness of the item tells customers you are looking for more than simple promotion; you are looking to help them. The quality of the bag tells them that they mean more to you and your business than a quick sale

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#3 Cups/Water Bottles

custom promotional cups for business brandingAnother common item – but tried and true.

Cups and water bottles grace counter-tops, home cupboards, and tables the world over. Many are used daily, and cups have pretty good longevity. These simple promotional items provide you with the opportunity to accomplish your goal (reminding your customer about your business) and to reach a new audience when they are seen by that customer’s guests.

Promotional cups and water bottles are desired items for customers as well. They are an easy and inexpensive way to commemorate a trip, visiting an attraction, completing an event. They are a great tool for keeping the contact information of a frequently used business or service handy, as they won’t be getting lost in an office drawer. And they are useful.


Promotional items and Marketing Materials Should Serve A Purpose

I am sure you have noticed there’s a theme to this list. Ever item mentioned is useful. These are items meant to be used, not to take up space, add to the clutter, or fill up a drawer. Hidden or lost marketing tools do little to help your customers or your business.

The more useful a promotional item, the more often your business gets seen and remembered.

The better the design, the more interesting or funny the saying or image, the more desirable the item – and the more likely that item will be shared with and noticed by others.

Take care with your promotional materials, and they will pay off.

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