Why Custom Engraving

Anything Engraving Apr 29, 2018

Laser engraving lasts forever!

Unlike pictures that fade, flowers that wither, ink that disappear, words that are forgotten, songs that can’t be recalled, an engraved gift or keepsake is a beautiful piece of artwork that lasts a lifetime – or longer.

Laser engraving allows images or writing to be etched into all kinds of material creating something permanent. This makes it the perfect art form to capture all of those memories too precious to forget.

Offer a Unique Gift keepsake

engraved-wooden-cuttingboard-shaped-like-a-cowWhen you’re looking for that special something for that special someone, more than likely it won’t be found among the mass-produced items lining the shelves in a department store. You want quality. You want the item to be unique and yet thoughtful enough to reflect the affection and appreciation you have for that individual. And that is where engraving comes in.

Anything you can think of can be engraved: a special photo, a well loved quote or song lyrics, a love poem or letter, or even a favorite subject like a dragon, an angel, a pet. Personalized gifts mean so much to the recipient – they show the individual that you were thinking of them specifically, not just buying an obligatory gift.

Favorite items for keepsakes include things like engraved photos, jewelry boxes, photo albums, or plaques with handwritten sentiments like poems and letters.


Capture the Moment with Engraving

personalized-custom-engraved-gun-handleCertain moments change your life forever. A birth, a wedding, a graduation, an anniversary… these events are the milestones that define us but last only a brief moment. An event of such an importance deserves to be remembered and not be hidden away in a photo album. You want something tangible, something that shows off that special day. A custom engraved wall hanging, or wood engraved keepsake captures that moment is a way that is unique, personal, and beautiful.

Some customer favorites are engraved wedding vows, anniversary keepsakes, engraved photographs from the event, or guest signatures engraved.

Commemorate an Event with a Personalized Gift

Custom engraving is the perfect way to commemorate special events. From personalized awards and plaques, to engraved signs or personalized champagne glasses – almost anything can be personalized to fit your needs.

Employee awards, commemorating retirement, or honoring a job well done are all occasion where something special is required – but you don’t need to go with a boring certificate. Instead, really honor the recipient with an engraved work of art (link to employee recognition blog)

From personalized tokens to big outdoor signs, from photographs to memorials, from home décor to special sentiments – laser engraved gifts are truly the way to go.