Unique Gifts Made From Engraving Mushrooms

tarmstrong Nov 21, 2018

I had to share these because no matter how much I look at them, and even though I made them, these mushrooms have a life of their own.

custom engraving on a mushroom of a covered bridgeI wish I could be a fly on the wall when these are given to their recipients this holiday season.

This customer had seen a mushroom we had engraved with a moose scene and decided back in August that she was interested in ordering some for Christmas gifts.

The process for these engravings is a time consuming one. And it starts at least a year before hand – with me marking shelf mushrooms in the woods. Most are still soft, so I have to go collect them months latter once they have hardened.

custom engraving of puppies done on a mushroomOnce I’ve done two rounds of hiking to collect the mushrooms themselves, and once they are thoroughly hardened, they can be added to our engravable inventory.

Designing the engraving is another challenge because you have to consider the bumps and dips in the mushroom – not to mention the irregular shapes each one has. The trick is to find a design that can highlight and work with the natural shape of the mushroom.

Once the design is set, adding the custom engraving to the mushroom is fun to watch. It is almost like magic when the white surface takes the different, darker tones from the laser engraving.

Here is a video of one mushroom we did

Or click here to see it on Youtube, there is a second video showing a different mushroom design as well – Such a fun idea.

We do have a limited number of these mushrooms available for our holiday season, if your interested let us know.