Why a Custom Business Sign is the Right Choice

tarmstrong Jun 26, 2018

Business signs are the most basic form of location and brand advertising. But a custom designed business sign is meant to do more than that – it is meant to steal the show.

Let’s start with basics – why is a business sign important in the first place? (Keep reading to find out why custom signs are even more important)

There are a few reasons. And the first is branding!wells river pharmacy custom signs hanging outside

Brand development relies on colors, imaging, and design to create a visual element immediately recognizable by potential customers. Your business sign and logo are the first step in that brand development. As your sign is visible to all local traffic, it should denote what your business does or sells, and be attractive enough to catch the eye of those potential customers. There is a lot to brand development, but for the purpose of this discussion just be aware that your business sign is your local storefront’s way of wearing your brands colors – so be sure it stays true to the brand.

The second reason business signs are important is simple – attraction. A FedEx survey showed that 8 out of 10 people went into a new store solely because they liked its signage. What does that mean to your business? It means that signage is the number one way to get foot traffic in the door!

This is more than just your business sign – it can be sale advertisements, pattern interrupt (think floating gorilla balloons at car dealerships), or something sporting a cleaver saying or phrase. But, your main business sign is the center of this local campaign – the sign that gets noticed every time a potential customer passes by.

Custom sign for motorcross at Rider Hill

Brand recognition is third important reason your business sign is among the most important local advertising tools you have. Say you run Facebook campaigns, television ads, or even newspaper ads – you may announce your location, but people have short term memories for logistical details. But, you included your logo (the one that matches your sign) and in doing so have created a visual detail. The human brain is hardwired to recognize images, and so does so subconsciously. That means repetition of that image/logo allows for immediate recognition of it when that customer then sees it posted outside of your physical location.

So now we get to the meat of the issue – Why choose a custom business sign?

It’s Eye Candy – A custom sign is more than just your logo printed on vinyl or wood. It is a piece of art designed specifically to tell your potential customers a little bit about what your businesses does or offers. It is often a combination of materials, shaped or presented in a way to stand out from the signs around it. A custom sign is just that – customized to fit the needs of your business and location while speaking to your audience. And remember that 8 out of 10 statistic? Customization goes a long way towards making your signage unique and appealing

The Maple Can Custom Sign

3D-Sign-Display-of-Mable-Syrup-Can-Custom-Designed-SignA perfect example of this custom sign philosophy was a maple can sign we did for a client many years ago. This sign was taller than a grown man, built from wood first in the shape of a maple syrup can, and then laid over with printed vinyl to be a blown up version of that iconic can. Imagine driving down the road and seeing this sign beckoning you in – It made a statement for sure.

3D Signs

Another sign we like to use as an example is one created for Bag Balm. That sign needed to be three dimensional to resemble the iconic tin the product came in. And so a base was created and the printed vinyl laid over it to create the desired effect. That sign was a visual staple in Lyndonville, VT with photos of it all over the Internet as it hung on the original historic building that Bag Balm was created in for many years.

Simple and Rustic Signs

Other businesses have wanted signs that visually represent a feeling they want to portray. This general store wanted to convey a rustic, old time feel. The base resembles a pallet or wooden crate, things synonymous with product delivery. It also brings to mind the old swinging shingle signs traditionally hung outside businesses. Add to that the contrasting metal material proclaiming the business name and you have a product that catches light and the attention of those driving by. This business has had a lot of compliments about its new custom business sign.
These are just three examples of how a custom business sign can make all the difference to customer attraction, brand development, and your business as a whole. And because these signs are hand built to last, they are investments that will serve your business for years to come.